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And the 2015 Oscar Goes To…Brand Placement

With the 2015 Oscars on our doorstep, the world is talking about movies and enjoying the flurry of releases that come with awards season. With that in...

The Magic of Frozen & Why it’s here to stay

If you think of dessert when I say the word “Frozen", then you’ve either been hibernating for the last 18 months or you have literally avoided any...

The Secret to YouTube’s No.1 Channel

The story Picture this. You’re the Number 1 Brand Channel on You Tube. You’ve worked hard to get here but from today, you don’t need to produ...

How to get $13m on Kickstarter

The premise In the second half of 2014, a campaign was re-launched on Kickstarter (yes that's right, for the second time). It was the "Coolest", a re...

Why Chipotle is Winning The Fast Food Game

Whilst looking into the fast food brand industry, what struck me was the amazing success of Chipotle. The story of Chipotle is one that inspires me to...

Casey Neistat schools us on Snapchat

Who drives trends? We all know who Facebook is but Facebook started out as a trend. It's not a trend anymore. My personal beliefs on whether Facebook ...

A new era for PayPal?

The beginning The year was 2000 and PayPal was launched as an innovative new online tool for online payments. Through 2001, it rapidly expanded throu...


McDonald's in the USA recently announced that it will spend the next 18 months rebranding the way they present to the market. Whilst nothing is ruled ...

Airbnb launches new brand

Airbnb sits as the most popular lodging and house renting website in the world with over 600,000 listings in 33,000 cities and 192 countries. Found...

Did Apple Buy the Cool Kid?

On the 28th May 2014, Apple announced the acquisition of Beats by Dre for $3b primarily in cash (with $400m in Apple stocks). The news, as you’d exp...

HONY’s 6 million followers and counting

6.3 million followers on Facebook. Over 1 million followers on Instagram. Millions of visitors to the website per day. 'Humans of New York' or 'HON...

Fitness First Changes It Up

There are common scenarios that raise the need for a company to re-approach their brand. In my book "Build Great Brands" I label these as 'The...