Brand Videos

The power of telling a story

Every brand has a story and that story in part helps frame the position and direction the brand should start. It may be focused around the reason the organisation came into existence, or the story of the founders, or even the story that we’re writing each day on a mission to be something significant. Whatever that story is, finding powerful ways to articulate it and foster buy in both internally and externally is essential to seeing brand impact.

Tell it with video

Our experience today is that video allows us the opportunity to tell stories about brands in incredibly powerful, moving and engaging ways. We call these brand videos and online statistics will tell us that users on website are more likely to watch an engaging video all the way through then read text on the page. Including then a brand video on your website, as an on boarding process for new staff, in sales meetings or at presentations provides you a powerful tool to simply, coherently and creatively tell the story of your brand, why it exists and why it’s worth noticing.

Brand videos done well

Brand videos engage users in a story that is compelling, emotional, engaging and moving. We utilise music, audio effects, transitions and voice overs to assist the visual scenes within a brand video that combine to create a powerful selling piece for your company.

All these techniques and finer touches however are dependent on a strong message, core idea and creative direction. It is the strategic approach to brand videos that enable them to be so impacting when your audience views them. A viewer does not want to view a video that may be perceived as meaningless or without substances and so brand videos must still deliver an authentic, values driven core message that aligns with the reason your organisation exists.

It’s not a commercial

What separates a brand video as distinct is that it’s not intended to be a commercial or overly sales driven video. It’s an insight into the story or stories that make you as an organisation engaging and unique. It provides a human voice to your brand and indulges highly creative cinematic style shots to immerse viewers in the experience of what you stand for. In today’s era, corporate videos don’t engage viewers but brand videos do.

Why a brand video?

You may need a brand video for a number of different reasons but whatever the scenario, a powerful brand video is designed to engage audiences in really innovative ways and draw them in. They can take various final forms including

  • The story behind launching a new brand (the why)
  • The past to present story behind a company (the history of)
  • The launch of a new theme, direction or campaign (why we’re changing)
  • Testimonial approach (the stories of our clients)
  • Behind the scenes look at who we are (transparency and openness)
The process of a successful brand video

At Red Meets Blue, we plan, design and execute brand videos as part of our brand building service to assist our clients in creatively communicating their brand to the world.

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