Logo Identity Design

Logos at the centre of your brand

A logo is the centrepiece for every brand and acts as its anchor. It is also the vital first step in developing a great and creative brand. For that reason, getting your logo design direction right is essential to ensuring that the remaining roll out of your entire brand and marketing is targeted and positioned correctly.

The right logo direction should stand strong on its own. It should execute effectively across online and offline channels. Most importantly though, a great logo design must engage your audience and differentiate you within your market. It should remind the stakeholders who you are, what you stand for and why you’re unique. Great logos assist in building your brand to cut through the noise and get attention. Without a great logo design, your brand lacks the foundation it needs to engage and your brand will hinder growth instead of assisting in it.

The power of a great design is the result of a strategic process that equally balances the importance of understanding values and story as well as implementing creative execution. A creative and innovative logo design is important to every organisation but only when it’s assisted with a meaningful and authentic approach do we unlock the power of truly effective logos. At Red Meets Blue, our approach seeks to do just this.

Understand the audience of your logo

As an agency, we uncovered an inherent problem when starting the process immediately with logo concepts. The decision making process rested solely with the personal preferences of the client but the logo design itself is always intended for an audience and we must be mindful of who that audience is and what they value in order to develop a creative direction that resonates and connects with them. This takes a highly strategic approach to your logo design process.

Even a simple one-page logo brief without a proper background is hardly enough to uncover the story, values and direction of an organisation as well as a obtain a deep insight into the audience preferences. A great logo design must start with a strategic understanding of who your company is and seek to develop a creative execution that not only translates meaning to your logo design but that safely lasts for the years to come.

The process

We believe that great logo designs starts with strategy and at Red Meets Blue we’ve built a highly strategic engagement process that ensures we build a great brand every time. Our approach and process has led us to win international awards, attract international agency attention and subsequently, to write our first book on logos and branding, entitled “Build Great Brands”; now in its second edition and written by our CEO, John Cinquina.

This strategic engagement process to build a logo identity design and a brand around it involves:

Phase 1 – Brand Strategy (Logo design strategy)

An entire day aided by additional market research and followed up with a brand positioning report to unlock the values, story and direction of your organisation and the audience segments you desire to reach in order to achieve success. A creative direction report then leverages the findings in the brand positioning report and aligns it to our creative direction recommendations. This is where the logo design magic begins to happen.

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 Phase 2 – Brand Development (Logo design)

Based on the findings in phase one, we are ready to launch into the logo design stage. A roll out of your brand starts with identifying colours, fonts and shapes from which we can form a series of logo identity design concepts to present for review. Working with our clients to develop the final logo direction, we then roll out a branding set to printed material and online assets including website design and social media branding. Brand Development deliverables can include:

  1. Logo identity and style guide creation
  2. Content creation and copywriting
  3. Creative printed material, stationery and signage
  4. Digital design, brand videos and web development

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You need a great logo design

Without a strategic-first approach and a properly done discovery phase, your logo design outcome will be less than ideal. Regardless of location, industry and audience, you need a great brand and a great logo design to help propel you towards your objectives. Choosing to invest into the right process is the first and most important step in ensuring the end outcome looks great and importantly engages your market in a way that sets you apart as unique and differentiated. When comparing your brand and logo with competitors, you want a final outcome that looks great and sets you apart.

At Red Meets Blue, we’d love to help in any way we can

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