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1 Life 1 Body

What They Do

A campaign focused on broadening the conversation around health

Type of Business


Brand Purpose

1 Life 1 Body

Having worked with Life Ready Physio for a number of years since launch, we’d seen the group grow into a Perth-wide brand that offered enough locations to service much of the metro area, and what became clear was that as a brand Life Ready stood for far more than just physio services.

After strategic conversations, the concept of 1 Life 1 Body – a long term campaign to engage Perth to live healthier, stronger and more intentional lives – was developed by Red Meets Blue.

“Our hope and aim is transparently two-fold. That we first, encourage, empower and inspire West Australians to live healthier, and that we secondly, grow the awareness of Life Ready whilst doing it”

Featuring hundreds of articles from experts around Perth on topics that help us all live our best quality of life, the 1 Life 1 Body online hub is actively promoted via television, radio and online advertising.

With detailed analytics and metrics in place, Red Meets Blue is partnering with Life Ready to drive engagement and make a real impact on the health of our state.

We are so excited about the 1 Life 1 Body campaign because it’s us as a brand standing up and saying that we care about the health of WA and that we’re willing to do something about it.


- 21st Annual Communicator Awards | Award of Distinction in Health Websites