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What They Do

Residential home builder in Broome

Type of Business


Brand Purpose

Uniquely Broome

The Brolga Story

The Brolga brand was in need of refreshing and the Red Meets Blue team worked with Brolga to appeal to the Broome market as a residential home builder.

With a strong connection to the local Brolga bird found in the northern parts of Western Australia, Red Meets Blue aligned the brand as ‘Uniquely Broome’ and rebranded to present a more professional and consistent image in the area with a slight tweak from ‘Developments’ to ‘Residential’ on the end of the name.

Red Meets Blue then worked with Brolga to execute a marketing and communication strategy aimed at raising awareness, attracting enquiries and solidifying the brand as a landmark in the Broome area and to this day, it ranks as a major home builder in the market.


- Best Brand Awards Finalist 2014