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Riverview Church

What They Do

A not-for-profit community of multiple brands

Type of Business

Established and in transition

Brand Purpose

Young at heart

The Riverview Story

Red Meets Blue worked with Riverview Church to define a new visual and brand identity for the organisation’s future that could be driven forward by their in-house design and communications team.

As a multi-faceted organisation with various brands serving different functions, aligning the entire group to present a unified direction moving forward was key.

Through the Discovery process, a creative direction was determined before then being realised in Brand Development with a final brand identity that communicated the church’s diversity, uniqueness and down to earth nature.

To complete the identity, as well as protect it into the future, a strong style guide was set in place with landmark documents created from which the brand could then be grown.

"Red Meets Blue listened carefully to what we were looking for and delivered exactly that. They've continued to provide excellent support after the launch of our brand"


- Silver at 2013 International Creativity Awards
- Finalist in 2013 Australian Web Awards