About Us

Red Meets Blue is a full service and brand specialist agency offering clients a world-class strategic offering with the full suite of creative and campaign services.

Everything we do, from the way we operate, to the services we offer and most importantly the way we partner with our clients, is dedicated to our singular purpose – Build Great Brands.

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How we got here

Red Meets Blue began as a creative agency but as we grew, we uncovered a distinct power in strategic insight before creative execution. We experienced first hand that just making things look nice rendered limited results, yet when we applied a strategic approach to a creative process, the outcomes for our clients improved exponentially.

We discovered that great brands didn’t just happen, they had to be built, and the more skillful we became at uncovering the uniqueness behind every organisation, the stronger our brands became.

The Book

The first book from CEO John Cinquina Build Great Brands was released internationally in 2014


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The Blog

John’s blog, a commentary on the world of brands, won best industry blog at the Australian Web Awards.


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Great brands represent more than just the products and services they sell. They understand the needs, desires and values of their audience and work as a bridge to connect consumers and companies.

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The old way of doing things has lost its effectiveness. Today, there’s no room for shortcuts or smoke and mirrors as people desire to engage with authentic brands that have purpose, values and a unique story to tell.

Why does your organisation exist?

The way you answer this question is paramount to the positioning and direction of your brand. Your brand purpose is the place from which brand messaging and creative should be built, and it’s essential to ensuring that your brand engages with the right people in the right way.