Words are as important as images

You’ve no doubt encountered a visually appealing brochure, website or marketing piece but when you look a little closer and decide to begin reading, it just doesn’t engage. It’s a major let down. Boring copy repels readers and has a significant impact on how engaging your brand is to your audience. For these reasons, great content and copywriting is an essential asset to any great brand and ensuring it’s aligned, on brand, written with the correct tone and consistent are the keys to success.

Don’t write the words yourself

At Red Meets Blue, we work with our clients to develop a branding tone of voice, a language direction report and then a series of messages and copywriting pieces that can be used across their printed, online and marketing material. These foundational decisions around who we are, what we sound like and what statements we say create an efficiency later down the track as we endeavour to create more content through great copywriting. Effective copywriting engages your audience and entices them to read on. It educates them on your values and speaks with personality. Great copywriting is consistent and doesn’t feel like copywriting just for the sake of.

Brochures filled with too many words and too many pages are often the result of a company leader writing the words themselves without the presence of an editor or branding team to assist in the direction of that writing. Even the great writers in this world have editors helping them shape the work they create and keep the direction on track. Don’t feel like you have to write the words yourself. That’s where we insist that we help.

The different kinds of copywriting

In the world of branding, copywriting can be divided into three categories including:

  1. Foundational content and copywriting – This forms the foundational words that you use in your brochures and website to tell a reader who you are, what you stand for and what you do. It is targeted, it is edited and it has been perfected to be a strong foundational source that you can use in a number of different contexts. Importantly, foundational content and copywriting doesn’t often change unless the business undergoes major transitions, shifts and changes. We recommend that foundational copywriting is sourced from an agency like Red Meets Blue as part of the brand building process for all major branding and internal pieces.
  2. Campaign content and copywriting – Herein you find the short-term copywriting used solely for campaigns within an advertising or marketing context. This often has a degree of call to action-based statements, a hint of the foundational content that we’ve built out in category one and only exists for a short-term (usually results focused) campaign. This copy must still align with the branding tone of voice but usually serves a purpose beyond just communicating who you are and what you do. Almost always, Red Meets Blue is engaged as the key copywriting resource for campaign driven content so that the final outcome is sticky, conversion focused and aligned with the brand tone of voice.
  3. Reputational and education content and copywriting – The third category of copywriting and content creation focuses on the things you write to educate your market, provide additional value to your customer base and position yourself as an expert in the industry. The focus here is less about selling and more around educating but it must align with your tone of voice and brand personality whist providing value of interest. Consistency is the key and a set of copywriting rules helps the content creation process that often begins from within your organisation using the acquired knowledge that comes from being good at what you do.
Where do I start?

Great content and copywriting starts with a strategic process first. It is impossible to deliver meaningful, aligned and consistent copywriting that targets your audience in engaging ways unless a strategic process has been walked through where your values, story and objectives are uncovered. Great content and copywriting is the outcome of gathering an in depth understanding of who you are and what you stand for and finding a series of messages, statements and paragraphs that communicate these things to your stakeholders effectively.

We believe in powerful copywriting that is human, real, conversationally driven and authentic. We believe in effective copywriting that focuses on who your audience is and what they want to hear and that engages their values under the surface. This is part of great branding and this is part of our branding process. We include copywriting in our proposals engaging brand development and brand management services.

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