Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy

Before the work begins, you need clarification on audience, market, functional needs and solution ready architecture. At Red Meets Blue, we provide pre-project strategy services for brands in need of clarification and creativity around their story, architecture and approach to project or market.

Digital strategy is ideal for companies who need to walk through a process that refines and sharpens the scope of how they present their idea to the market.

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Platform Strategy

Many functions run inside of businesses that are in need of platforms to run them. Often, out-of-the-box solutions don’t work. Red Meets Blue has deep experience in designing and building internal and external platforms that augment and power business operations.

Before you can begin building, you need a strategic approach that considers stakeholders, functional needs and performance outcomes. We walk through an insightful process that assists in defining what the platform needs are for you business, and an architecture to suit.

Platform strategy is ideal for teams who want to ensure the finished product is built in such a way that the audience and users get maximum value.