Graphic Design

Great design starts with an idea

Exceptional graphic design leads to effective design pieces but it all starts with an idea and without a strong idea, graphic design becomes meaningless, ineffective and though aesthetically focused, without substance and message. A strong message and a strong idea drive great design.

At Red Meets Blue, our passion is to be a world-class agency, leading the way in building great brands. In order to do that, powerful graphic design pieces must be created to communicate and expand out the branding identities that we create.

Strategic first

We engage clients in a strategic first process to better understand who they and what they stand for alongside who the audience is and what’s important to them. These discoveries provide us a powerful brief to begin the creative process that leads into graphic design.

The graphic design process

To ensure that our creative and graphic design solutions are targeted and effective, it’s important that it begins with an idea born from the strategic discoveries around who you and what you’re trying to achieve. Powerful graphic design engages audiences through innovative visual appeal backed up with meaningful messages and substance. Graphic design outcomes are divided into two categories

  1. Brand Development – Graphic design is used to take the strategic findings we uncover and transform them into creative solutions in the form of a brand identity. The items we design in order to build out the foundation of your brand include everything from the logo and style guide to additional branding elements, stationery and selling pieces, business cards and brochures, as well as website interface designs and storyboards for videos.
  2. Brand Management – Graphic design is used as a powerful tool to engage stakeholders across lead generation driven campaigns, internal culture projects and reputation building content like eBooks and training videos. Brand management engages graphic design solutions to drive creative ideas that stand out from the crowd and get noticed with the distinct purpose of generating interest and traffic.
Examples of effective graphic design

Our graphic design solutions extensively include:

  • Logo identity design
  • Stationery design including letterheads and business cards
  • Proposal and document graphic design
  • Brochures
  • Internal facing culture documents and values books
  • Signage and external way finding graphic design
  • Creative design for websites and online applications
  • Packaging and 3-dimensional pieces for marketing
  • Internal posters and sales boards
  • Dashboard designs for KPI driven organisations
  • Online display advertising design
  • EBook and educational pieces
  • Mail outs and direct mail pieces
  • Prospectuses and annual reports
  • On boarding and careers branding

At Red Meets Blue, we are passionate about ensuring world-class creative is delivered in the form of engaging graphic design pieces built on a strong strategic approach and ongoing results. Graphic design delivers the attractive façade that the market is looking for and when engaged with strategic findings, is used to differentiate you and paint you as unique. Effective graphic design is long lasting and though mindful of trends, not a carbon copy of the trends that exist so as to find the kind of individuality that gets noticed.

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