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What They Do

Process optimisation and consulting

Type of Business


Brand Purpose

Think Improvement

Often, a design process is pre-empted by strategic discussions whereby clients can have a conversation facilitated on what the brand stands for and where it’s going. This was the case with Improvement Resources as we brought together the directors, state managers and team leaders in a forum they don’t often get the chance to talk in.

This helped bring to light all the experiences each had with clients, the industry and their value to the market. From this, we developed a brand story that hinged on the power of improvement and their passion to go beyond just reporting and actually effect powerful change that has results for clients.

We took advantage of the slang name clients had created for them (ImpRes) and rebranded with the new name and a new brand to come alongside it.

We also brought together the common language and tone that was so clearly evident within the culture of the company and built a brand language around it. It was conversational, passionate, fun, friendly, easy to talk to and unique within the industry. It was more relaxed but highly intelligent and from there, a creative direction was easily found.

The new brand was fun, innovative, improvement focused and values driven. There was a distinct focus on people, a brighter and bolder colour palette and a visual language that better resonated with the staff and the leadership. We found the new brand to be incredibly empowering in encouraging the existing culture that existed and helping new members and clients immediately understand not just what ImpRes do but who they are.

The final outcomes were:

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand hierarchy
  • Brand Naming
  • Logo identity design
  • Style guide and additional visual element
  • Stationery and brand book
  • Printed selling pieces
  • Online footprint via a new website
  • Content and copy writing